Unbiased Treehut Wooden Watch Reviews

Treehut Watch Review Summary

As one of the first popular wooden watch companies in the United States, Treehut produces an extensive collection of wood watches. They have designed and styles for both men and women – plus offer custom engraving.

They originally started with bamboo watches with leather bands, but now carry a complete range of wooden watches, marble watches, and stainless steel watches.

Treehut is one of our favorite watch brands here at Wooden Watch Reviews and they are actually rated as the 2021 Best Wooden Watch Brand.

Treehut wooden watch review
Treehut Wooden Watches Are Well Constructed And Offer Great Value
Most Similar Watches From Other Brands

Our Ratings For Treehut Wood Watches

Overall Watch Quality:★★★★★ (5 / 5 )
Customer Service:★★★★☆ (4 / 5)
Design & Style:★★★★★ (5 / 5)
Watch Durability:★★★★☆ (4 / 5)
Packaging:★★★☆☆ (3 / 5)
Treehut Price & Value:★★★★☆ (4 / 5)

Are Treehut Watches Good?

Yes. Tree hut watches are great! Did you expect a more complicated answer? Overall, Treehut watches get a great rating from us, many many thousands of happy Tree Hut watch owners and get a “Great Watch Buy” rating from us.

Why Are Tree Hut Watches A Good Watch?

In the below section we list out all of the many pros to these watches but the more streamlined answer is because they make an extremely high quality watch, with very beautiful designs and also offer top notch customer service.

The Pros Of Treehut Watches

Treehut watches are one of Wooden Watch Reviews Top Rate watch brands and on our “Go-To” wooden watch recommendations. This list includes many things but starts with the reason that they are based right in San Francisco. Their customer service is great to deal with and very responsive unlike some other more discount brands of watches. They design beautiful wooden, steel & marble watches that are always on the forefront of new styles and designs. The prices of Treehut watches range from around $50 for some of their simpler watches up to $250 or $300 for their premium collections.

  • Large collection of designs & styles
  • In particular their use of metal, leather or wood within the same collection
  • Great quality wooden watches
  • Good value between price & quality
  • US based company & great customer service

The Cons Of Treehut Watches

Our review showed fairly few negatives or downsides to Treehut. Upon analysis of customer reviews and complaints we found that the most common complaints pertained to issues with watches breaking or other minor manufacturing defects or problems with shipping. All of these issues were within our standard range for any wooden watch, so we didn’t flag them as a chronic problem or anything you should be concerned about. In generaly, Treehut has a good reputation for customer service and will work with you to fix most issues.

  • Large number of watch styles and designs can make it hard to choose the perfect watch.
  • Prices from Tree hut can be a little bit higher than some other discount watch brands.

About Treehut Watches

We often think of Treehut as one of the first big companies that started to make wooden watches more mainstream. They weren’t actually the first, but they were on the cutting edge and have stayed relevant despite the explosion of wooden watch companies over the past few years due to their beautiful watches, engraving and great story.

The company was founded by Julia and her Husband Joh after a trip to Bali where they were inspired by nature, adventure, life and family. They set out to create a beautiful gift that could represent the uniqueness of each bond between people while allowing them to customize colors and engravings to match their love.

What started out in their apartment in San Francisco has grown to a company of 20 people and an 8,000 square foot office!

What Watch Movements Does Treehut Use?

Treehut sources their movements from companies that specialize in building watch movements. The exact movement will depend on which watch you choose, but they primarily use battery powered Japanese Quartz movements from Miyota.

These are high quality, accurate movements that are used in dozens of watch brands around the world ranging from Michael Kors, to Timex etc. With proper care, a Miyoto movement can easily last for a decade and probably many more.

Does Treehut Make Automatic Movement Watches?

Yes! Treehut does make watches with an automatic (self-winding) movement. Their first collection of mechanical movement watches is the Atlas Collection.

Read our Best Mechanical Movement Wooden Watches Guide

Does Treehut Make Marble Watches?

Treehut does make marble watches. In fact, if you are looking for a men’s marble faced watch, Treehut should be one of your “go to” choices for this style of watch. Instead of having a single style or collection of watches that have a marble face, Treehut actually makes marble versions of watches in 10 of their different watch collections.

This means you are sure to find a great Treehut Marble Watch that’s both your style and in your budget.

Treehut Return Policy & Guarantee

The returns and refunds policy for Treehut is pretty similar to most other wooden watch companies and features:

  • Returns and exchanges made within 30 days are eligible for a refund (return shipping fees will be deducted.
  • Items returned within 31-90 days after the original shipping will be eligible for a store credit only.

Despite these fairly standard return policies, please make a note of some special cases that are not eligible for a refund or store credit: returns that have arrive either worn or damaged or items that have been custom engraved.

Best Treehut Watches For Men

Treehut currently has about 11 different watch collection styles for men, and add another few regularly. Most of their men’s watches range in size from about 40mm to 50mm depending on which style or collection you choose.

While their original collection started as simple bamboo and wooden watches with a classic face and a wooden strap or leather strap, their men’s collections have come a long way during the past few years to now include watches with stainless steel cases and marble faces. The list of their collections includes:












Popular Treehut Watch Styles For Men

treehut classic wooden watch

Classic Collection

This was the first wooden watch design Treehut ever launched and it will probably look familiar to you. It was the quintessential men’s wood watch design. If you are looking for the pure, classic watch that has a wooden band, wooden case and wooden face from Treehut. This is the watch you want.

See all the difference styles of the Classic Collection

Case Diameter45mm
Case Thickness10.5mm
Case MaterialSolid Wood
Band MaterialWood, Steel, Or Leather
Dial MaterialWood
MovementMiyota 2035
Price$79 – $144

treehut north wooden watch

North Collection

The North Collection was designed for the rugged outdoorsman who still has a sense of luxury about him. The all wood case and face show of the appreciation of Nature, but the chronograph gives it a modern, classy feel.

The subdials feature a 24 hour clock, 30 minute timer and 60 second timer along with a date indicator.

At a 45mm case diameter this watch is on the larger side of watches to be easy to read and make an unmistakable statement.

In comes in a wide variety of options in both band colors, case colors and face colors that range from chocolate brown, to brightly patterned zebrawood to a more subdued black.

Case Diameter45mm
Case Thickness11mm
Case MaterialSolid Wood
Band MaterialWood, Or Leather
Dial MaterialWood
MovementSeiko VD53
Price$175 – $230

treehut horizon wooden watch

Horizon Collection

The Horizon collection from Treehut is incredibly unique because it features marble faces set inside a solid wood case with metal ring.

The marble face watch gives this collection a very elegant style with the warm natural warmth of a wooden case to offset the hardness of the face. You can choose the Horizon with either a solid wood band or soft leather strap.

The leather strap is a less expensive option at just $140 and the wooden band version is coming in at $210.

At a 42mm diameter, this is a great watch for men with any sized wrists.

Case Diameter42mm
Case Thickness9.7mm
Case MaterialSolid Wood
Band MaterialWood, Or Leather
Dial MaterialMarble or Stone
MovementJapanese Miyota 2035
Price$140 – $210

treehut summit wooden watch

Summit Collection

With a 45mm diameter face, the Summit Collection from Treehut is on the larger side of their watch styles and really give the beautiful watch faces room to shine.

You can choose from a Tiger eye zebrawood, gray slate or a black and white marble design that all 3 have a very unique style.

They feature solid wood cases for some classic Treehut style and either a solid wood band – or the gray slate face watch featues a gray leather band.

Another great touch to these watches is the price point. They range from as low as $115 to a still very affordable wooden watch price of $145.

See all the styles >

Case Diameter45mm
Case Thickness11mm
Case MaterialSolid Wood
Band MaterialWood, Or Leather
Dial MaterialWood or Stone
MovementJapanese Miyota 2035
Price$115 – $145

Odyssey Collection

If you want a wooden watch with a more classic feel and style to it, the Odyssey collection is a great place to start.

It features a simple face with a standard 12 hour clock, small date inset and minimalist roman numeral markings a the 12 & 6 locations.

From there you have many options to choose from ranging from black wooden faces with a black leather band to blue marble face and solid wooden bands.

If you are looking for more marble options, check out our complete Treehut Marble Watch Review.

These watches get great reviews and come in at very affordable prices – particularly considering the level of quality and craftsmanship you get.

Shop The Odyssey Collection >

Case Diameter40mm
Case Thickness10mm
Case MaterialSolid Wood
Band MaterialWood, Or Leather
Dial MaterialWood or Stone
MovementJapanese Miyota VJ32
Price$105 – $145

treehut bay wooden watch

Bay Collection

The Bay collection is a great choice for the man looking for a smaller, more discreet watch from Treehut. At only 40mm in diameter it’s on the smaller end of the size range and it’s only 7mm thick making it about as thin a watch as you can get.

The Bay collection is one of the many Treehut collections that feature marble or stone faces in addition to wood or metal faces. There are plenty of colors to choose from ranging from blues and grays to white or marble.

Additionally, the Treehut bay collection starts at only $125 making it one of the cheaper options for men.

Case Diameter40mm
Case Thickness7mm
Case MaterialSteel
Band MaterialWood and Steel, Or Leather
Dial MaterialWood Or Stone
MovementMiyota Ultraslim IL32
Price$125 – $155

treehut rise wooden watch

Rise Collection

The Rise watch from Treehut is a beautiful piece of design work with a steel case and marble or stone watch face. It features a 2 dial vertical chronograph face along with a date window.

This is one of the most varied options in Treehut’s collections when it comes to colors and options ranging from more standard colors like black and silver to gold, bronze, blue and even grey suede bands.

Case Diameter43mm
Case Thickness10mm
Case MaterialSteel
Band MaterialWood and Steel, Or Leather
Dial MaterialWood Or Stone
MovementJapanese Quartz
Price$185 – $265

treehut atlas wooden watch

Atlas Collection

The Atlas Collection from Treehut is one of our favorite for a few reasons. First, it’s Treehut’s first automatic movement watch that is self powered and doesn’t require a battery.

This is the pinnacle of watch design and mechanics and to show off the achievement you can see the mechanical movement through a small window inside the marble watch face on this watch.

It comes with a durable stainless steel case and a barrel shaped wooden bezel inlay. With a 43mm case width it will fit most men’s wrists comfortably.

Case Diameter43mm
Case Thickness13mm
Case MaterialSteel
Band MaterialWood and Steel, Or Leather
Dial MaterialWood Or Marble
MovementSeiko Automatic NH38
Price$285 – $345

Aster Collection

Treehut’s Aster Collection is for the racer or speed demon at heart – who is also a gentleman. The moderately sized 43mm diameter watch was designed to comfortably fit most men’s wrists and the face features a 3 dial chronograph incased in a steel case with a wood inlay crown.

This watch comes in a few different style varieties and colors. You can either have a wooden face or choose from the Treehut marble watch selections. Next decide on your colors – either green, blue or the brown of natural wood.

The Aster Sub-dials show 3 different things (plus there is a separate date indicator):

  • 24-hour clock
  • 30-minute timer
  • 60-second timer

Case Diameter43mm
Case Thickness11.9mm
Case MaterialSteel
Band MaterialWood and Steel, Or Leather
Dial MaterialWood Or Marble
MovementChrono Miyota JS25
Price$245 – $285

tao grey marble walnut wood watch

Treehut Tao Collection

The Tao Collection has an incredibly wide variety of styles to choose from. Do you want a stone face? Or a wooden face? Can’t choose? The Tao collection features a unique split face so you can have both.

Additionally, it comes with some unique colors like a golden case, bronze case and strap choices like steel or cognac leather or even a silver steel mesh band.

Case Diameter43mm
Case Thickness10.8mm
Case MaterialSteel
Band MaterialWood and Steel, Or Leather
Dial MaterialWood And Marble
MovementJapanese Miyota 6P23
Price$245 – $285

Sojourn Collection

The Sojourn Collection features both a minimalist design and minimalist price but has an incredibly bold design. These watches have marble and stone faces that will really stand out and make it a diverse choice in the world of wooden watches.

The marble face is set inside an all wood case and 5-link wooden band.

See all of Treehut’s Marble Wooden Watches.

Case Diameter43mm
Case Thickness11mm
Case MaterialWood
Band MaterialSolid Wood
Dial MaterialStone And Marble
MovementJapanese Miyota 2036
Price$105 – $129

Some of the Most Popular Treehut Men’s Watch Styles

Treehut Watches For Women

Treehut has a great selection of watches for women.

Treehut has a number of women’s specific watches.

Some Popular Women’s Treehut Watches

Treehut Emma Women’s Wooden Watch

View The Emma Walnut Ocean

Treehut Odyssey Women’s Wood Watch

View The Odyssey Collection

Treehut Watch Construction

Treehut sources their watch components from a number of high end manufacturers to put together beautiful and top quality watches.

One of the top features of Treehut is the ability to get personalized messages engraved onto the back of any of their watches. This is one factor about their construction and attention to detail that sets Treehut apart from other companies.

Top Woods & Materials That Treehut Uses In Their Watches

  • Walnut
  • Bamboo
  • Ash
  • Olivewood
  • Redwood
  • Zebrawood
  • Ebony wood
  • Leather
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rose Gold
  • Marble
  • Stone

Who Should Buy Treehut Watches?

If you are looking to give a special gift to that person in your life that has a unique feeling, we highly recommend Treehut watches. Whether you are searching for a gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding present or Christmas present – Treehut watches make a perfect gift.

With their large collection, you can be sure you will find something to match his style – if he is a casual and laid back person consider something like the leather and bamboo classic watch. If he is a little dressier or sporty – we would consider something like the Rise Collection that features more metal and chronograph sub-dials.

Editor’s Award

After reviewing hundreds of wood watches, Treehut has earned the editor’s award for:

  • Best Premium, Modern Wood Watches

Are Treehut Watches Waterproof?

Treehut officially calls their watches “splash proof” which means you can wear it if it’s raining or you shouldn’t worry if it gets a little water on it while washing your hands, but at the end of the day the very blunt answer is no, Treehut watches are not waterproof. So don’t wear your Treehut in the shower, swimming, hot tub etc.

To be fair to Treehut, we recommend you don’t take ANY wooden watch into the water with you. There are a few companies that claim their wooden watches are good down to about 3 ATMs but this really reference the mechanics of the watch. When it comes to these natural woods, any real contact with water has a risk of staining the wood, warping it or having it separate from the watch.

Are Treehut Watches Durable?

People often ask us about the durability of wooden watches, and it’s a very fair question. Most watches are made of various metals and are extremely durable and can easily last for decades. Wood is naturally a less durable material – although it still has great qualities and can last an extremely long time when cared for properly.

So know that when you are purchasing a wooden watch from Treehut, you are buying from an absolute top quality wooden watch company and the durability is going to be as good as you can find in any wooden watch.

It’s also important to distinguish that the mechanical parts of a wooden watch will be just as reliable as any other watch out there. Treehut uses top quality movements, many of which are the same or similar to what you might find in your favorite steel watch brand.

Finally, if you love the style of the wooden watches, but know you are a little harder on your accessories and think that having a steel watch might be the right choice – you are in luck. Treehut builds many different styles of watches and some of these include watches that have a steel band and case that include a wooden face or wooden accents. These watches will offer both the durability of a steel or metal watch with the style and form of a beautiful wooden watch.

Most Popular Treehut Watch Styles

Treehut Classic Collection

Treehut North Collection

Treehut Tao Collection

Good Alternatives To Treehut Watches

Treehut makes a wide range of watches from the more affordable $50 range all the way up to Premium wooden watches with mechanical movements, so depending on which watches you are considering the best comparable brands may change. If you are shopping in the less than $100 range for Treehut consider Burnham watches. If you are shopping the more moderate price range of $100 – $200, we would suggest looking into Maui Kool. If you are shopping the premium range of watches over $200, we recommend you look into our Original Grain Review or Holzkern Review.

Burnham Watches

Read Burnham Review >

Original Grain

original grain watch

Read Our Original Grain Watch Review

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