Unbiased Leftly Wooden Watch Reviews

Leftly Watch Review Summary

Leftly produces a wide range of wooden watches for men and women and they feature a fairly standard and classic wooden watch style. They primarily use solid wood bands, solid wood cases and colored watch faces that have a metallic finish.

Our Ratings For Leftly Wood Watches

Overall Watch Quality:★★★☆☆ (3 / 5 )
Customer Service:★☆☆☆☆ (1 / 5)
Design & Style:★★★☆☆ (3 / 5)
Watch Durability:★★★☆☆ (3 / 5)
Packaging:★★★☆☆ (3 / 5)
Leftly Price & Value:★★★☆☆ (4 / 5)

The Pros Of Leftly Watches

If you are looking for a great looking wooden watch in the very affordable price category, Leftly is a good option for a watch. They offer great looking, no frills wooden watches ranging from $20 – $100 dollars, with many of the Leftly watches in the $30 to $40 price range.

  • Moderate amount of color choices
  • Good, classic wooden watch styles
  • Very affordable prices
  • They offer some leather strap models which are unique

The Cons Of Leftly Watches

The negatives or limitations of Leftly are fairly standard for a lower priced wood watch company that is based over seas. Their styling is fairly standard with solid wood bands and cases, although they do often add a spark of color to the watch face with metallic colors like blue, black & brown. The Downsides of Leftly:

  • The Leftly watch quality and choice of materials are solid – but not the highest quality.
  • They do not have a US based company presence and there is little to no customer service directly through them if anything goes wrong.

If you like the classic styles of these zebrawood or ebony wood Leftly watches and price is a primary factor in your decision Leftly is a good watch choice. If you are looking for a little more style or some additional durability to the watch or higher quality movements, we would recommend you check out other watch brands. A few places to start would be our Burnham Watches Review, Wilds Wood Watch Review, or Holzkern Watches.

About Leftly Watches

We will be upfront with you about Leftly watches and the company behind them. As of the time of this review, we actually can’t find any presence of the company outside of Amazon. They are primarily a direct to consumer via Amazon brand. We didn’t see any website or similar web presence.

With some additional digging, we determined that the Leftly brand is actually owned and Trademarked by a watch and clock manufacturer in China. So they are producing under the Leftly brand and selling directly via Amazon.

If you like their watches and their pricepoints, we don’t think that is any reason to shy away though. We have tested their watches and find them great value for the money.

What Watch Movements Does Leftly Use?

Like most watch companies, Leftly does not manufacture their own watch movements. They pair movemnts from quality producers that fit into their watches. Upon research, we determined that they primarily use Miyota quartz movements in their watches. The exact model of movement depends on the watch, but overall we find Miyota to be good quality movements that are durable and have a long life.

Does Leftly Make Automatic Movement Watches?

Leftly does not currently make automatic, self-winding watches. They focus primarily on battery powered quartz watches. This is inline with the affordability of their watches.

Read our Best Mechanical Movement Wooden Watches Guide

Leftly Return Policy & Guarantee

We were not able to find any specific return policies or guarantees from Leftly due to their lack on web presence. However, if you do purchase your watch through Amazon, you will be covered by their usual consumer protections. On amazon they specifically mention in their product listings:

  • 30 Day money back guarantee for any reason.
  • The watch will enjoy 12 Month warranty in our store.

You can easily return through Amazon, and at the time of purchase they will likely offer you the chance to purchase an additional insurance for a few dollars.

Best Leftly Watches For Men

A majority of the watch styles Leftly creates are watches designed for men. In general their men’s watches feature larger sizes (usually about 42mm-48mm faces), longer and wider watch bands and more masculine styles using darker colors often paired with brightly colored metallic faces.

If you like these brightly colored blue metallic watch faces and the style, we would recommend you also check out our Maui Kool Watch Review because they feature some similar styles.

Popular styles of wood used for their man’s watches included: Zebrawood, ebony wood and a few bamboo watches.

Some of the Most Popular Leftly Men’s Watch Styles

Leftly Watches For Women

Leftly only produces one style of wooden watch for women but frankly we are big fan of the design. It features a 37mm face so it fits most women’s wrists nicely.

It has a solid zebrawood band, paired with a solid zebrawood case and crown that surround a turquoise blue metallic watch face that is studded with small rhinestones. If you are looking for a fairly durable wooden watch for a woman who wants a pop of color on her wrist, we recommend this Leftly women’s zebrawood watch.

Some Popular Women’s Leftly Watches

Leftly Watch Construction

Leftly does not offer much detail around their watch construction, but they love to pair both natural elements with their environmentally friendly philosophy. The limited use of metals in their watches makes them one of the more lightweight wooden watches and hypoallergenic.

Top Woods That Leftly Uses In Their Watches

  • Zebrawood
  • Ebony wood

Who Should Buy Leftly Watches?

Who are Leftly watches for? In our opinion Leftly makes the perfect watch for someone looking to get a great looking wooden watch that won’t break the bank or cost an arm and a leg. If you want a classy looking wooden watch to add to your collection and wear around everyday, the Leftly is a great place to start your wooden watch collection.

Editor’s Award

After reviewing hundreds of wood watches, Leftly has earned the editor’s award for:

  • Least Expensive Classic Wood Watches

Most Popular Leftly Watch Styles

Men’s Zebrawood & Chrome Blue

Men’s Leather Strap Leftly Watch

Women’s Zebrawood Leftly Watch

Good Alternatives To Leftly Watches

Leftly makes good, cheaply priced wooden watches, most of which cost less than $50. If you are looking for other good wooden watch brands that sell watches in that similar price range, check out these options.

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