Want The Best Wooden Watch For $100 Or Less?

Looking for the best men’s natural grain watches to purchase as a gift or for yourself? Don’t worry, we researched and tested nearly 100 wood watches for men and pulled together the best choices for you here!

Many people worry that they can’t get a high quality, stylish and reliable wooden watch unless they spend hundreds of dollars. But we are here to correct that idea. There are numerous wooden watch companies and dozens of great styles of wooden watches that you can buy for less than $100.

Our Top 15 Wood Watch Choices For Less Than $100

#1 Best Rated Wooden Watch | Under $100

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Black Wood Chronograph

  • Price Category: Less Than $100
  • Editors Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Whatever your wooden watch style – classic, modern, sport – this is our favorite of the bunch. The quality is fantastic, the skeleton feature around the movement allows you to see all the pieces in action, winding the watch and then keeping time.

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Maui Kool Zebrawood Watch

  • Price Category: Less Than $100
  • Editors Rating: 9.2 / 10.0

Maui Kool is known for building watches with a bit of extra style and beachy flair. But this zebrawood style from their Kaanapali collection makes the top of our list for it’s high quality and natural style.

With a 45mm bezel it’s a on the larger size of standard watch faces – but for a watch with solid zebrawood with thing it’s worth the extra size.

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Burnham Zebrawood Chronograph

  • Price Category: Under $100
  • Editors Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

We reviewed the full and really like this military chronograph collection from Burnham. For this review we chose this combination black steel and zebrawood watch.

It features a top quality japanese quartz movement that accurately powers the main time keeping hands and the real subdials.

Stainless & Zebrawood From Burnham

  • Price Category: Under $100
  • Editors Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

If you are looking for a more classically styled men’s chronograph watch with a hint of nature and wood, look no further than this watch.

They paired a classic steel designed chronograph case and band with the natural grains of zebrawood for an absolutely beautiful organic twist on a class men’s sport watch.

We know sometimes you might be hesitant to walk into the boardroom with a wooden watch – but not with this one.

#5 Rated Solid Wood Watch

blue face wooden watch

It comes in 4 colors and styles, so check them all out

Wilds Blue Chronograph

  • Price Category: Under $100
  • Editors Rating: 8.9 / 10.0

Many wooden watches stick to more subdued colors but that’s what we love about this Wilds Wooden watch.

They used an absolutely brilliant royal blue face to make it absolutely stand out and command attention for your wrist.

It’s paired with a zebrawood wristband and a black crown that really makes the blue face pop.

#6 Rated Men’s Wood Watch

Bobo Bird Ebony Wood And Steel Watch

  • Price Category: Under $50
  • Editors Rating: 9.4 / 10.0

At less than $50 this wooden watch by Bobo Bird, it practically a steal. We first saw this style pop up last year and it has quickly climbed the best sellers lists – and we can see why everyone wants this popular wooden watch.

It features the durability of a steel band and case along with the natural beauty of wood grain. The black case is paired with matching black / ebony wood accents on the wrist band and the face. To finish off this all black style, the chronograph dials are also black.

It has a 44mm dial diameter making it an average men’s size watch to fit almost any man’s wrist. Plus it has an adjustable band length.

#7 Rated Men’s Wood Watch

Bewell W109D Sub-dials Wooden Watch

What Is The Best Wooden Watch I can Get For $100?

So you have $100 to spend on a wooden watch and want to make sure you get a great watch for your money? You’ve come to the right place – here at Wooden Watch Reviews, we help people make sure they get the best wooden watch for their budget, style and interests.

Check out our detailed guide above, but the brands we recommend for a wooden watch that costs $100 or less:

What Kind Of Wooden Watch Can You Get For $100?

With so many good wooden watch manufacturers out there, the good news is that you can find almost any style of wooden watch you want for $100. Are you looking for something that is a solid wood case and band with a classic styled face? We would recommend checking our Burnham watches or Bewell watches.

Are you looking for something a little flashier that combines the natural tones and styles of wood – but perhaps some gold metals or brightly colored faces? We would recommend you look into Wilds Watches or Maui Kool.

Looking for something a little more mechanically complicated with an automatic movement? Check out our list of the best automatic movement watches.

How Much Do Wooden Watches Cost?

What should you pay for a wood watch? What is the best wooden watch for your money? These are some of the most popular questions we get about this type of wristwatch.

Wooden watches range from about $50 up to $500 depending on the make, model and style of watch you choose. In many ways they are like any other watch category. You could pay $50 for a Timex or $10,000 for a Rolex.

What’s The Difference Between A Wooden Watch Above And Below $100

It’s a fantastic question. Should you buy a wooden watch that’s more than $100? The answer really comes down to your budget and the style of watch you are looking for.

Usually, wooden watches that cost more than $100 are upgraded in a number of different ways ranging from high-end watch movements, more expensive materials (using harder woods, marble, stainless steel) and the inherent costs to create more unique designs and more complicated to manufacture designs.