Treehut Wooden Watches | 2021 Best Brand

Treehut Best Wooden Watch Of 2021 Award

#1 Wooden Watch Company Of 2021 – Treehut

After an extensive review process during the first half of 2021 involving hundreds of watches and many of the top Wooden Watch Companies, we bestowed the highest honors for the best wooden watches to Treehut Wooden Watches!

They were the top rated for:

  • Quality of watches
  • Style and design of watches
  • Customer service
  • Good value price
  • Speed of delivery

Great Quality Of Treehut Wood Watches

We’ve been a fan of Tree hut watches for years and continue to be very impressed with the quality of the wooden watches. The woods were solid, and have beautiful natural wood grain patterns across all of the different types of wood they carry. The crafting and carving are all very well done and showed one of the highest levels of detail of all the watches we inspected.

Read our full Treehut watch review.

We also tried some of their watches with leather straps and metal accents. Again, the leather was genuine and well cared for. One of the features we liked most with the leather straps (that comes from the quality of leather) was that over time, they softened up and became very, very comfortable to wear.

If you are shopping for a wooden watch as a gift, the Treehut’s will be sure to impress!

Does Treehut Have Watches For Men & Women?

Yes, they make wooden watches for men and wood watches for women. Their collection tends to offer a wider selection for men (about 200 different style & color options) and about 20 different variations for women.

Should I Buy A Treehut Watch? The Quick Answer

Absolutely yes!

If you have already found a Treehut watch that meets your style for a wood watch and your price point – we recommend you buy!

Even if you haven’t shopped Treehut yet, but are looking for a perfect wooden watch for yourself or a watch gift for him or her, we would recommend putting them at the top of the list of websites to start shopping.

They have a large selection of watches, very reasonable prices and great customer service.

Top Most Popular Treehut Watches For Men

Treehut Tao Watch

Men’s Tao Wooden Watch

  • Solid wood with stainless steel band links
  • Fully functional chronograph dials
  • 43mm case diameter / 10.8mm thickness
  • Dial Material: Wood & Marble

Treehut Tao Wood Watch

Treehut Aster Koa Wood Watch

Men’s Aster Koa Wood Watch

  • Steel and wood or leather wristband
  • Fully functional chronograph dials
  • 43mm case diameter / 11.9mm thickness

Men’s Treehut Aster Wooden Watch

Treehut Original All Wood Watch

  • Black wood & zebrawood
  • 54mm Face / 10.5mm thick
  • Options for wood or leather band

Men’s Classic Treehut

Treehut North Collection

  • Black wood & zebrawood band
  • 45mm Face / 11mm thick
  • Fully functional chronograph dials and date

Men’s North Wood Watch

Treehut Customer Service

Treehut customer service, although we haven’t dealt with them directly for any serious issues, seems to be well regarded by customer’s and we’ve heard things like:

  • Quick shipping and delivery of watches.
  • Good response to any issues or questions about the watches. Specifically we’ve heard from a few people who had watches lost or damaged during shipping and Treehut was quick to try and resolve their problems.

Overall, it sounds like they stand behind their watches and take great care of their customers.

Great Prices & Value

Treehut’s watches fall into a great price range from about $100 to $400. Here at Wooden Watch Reviews, we have determined that is the best range to be shopping into for both quality and value.

Very Quick Delivery

Treehut offers a standard delivery (usually for free) within 5-7 business days. We’ve often found that they arrive even faster than that, despite choosing that option.

Treehut also offers expedited shipping that will get it there in about 2-3 days in case you are in a rush!

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