Best Wooden Watch Brands

What Are The Best Wooden Watch Brands?

In our opinion and research here at Wooden Watch Reviews, we have narrowed down the lists to what we think are the best wooden watch brands for someone looking to purchase one of these beautiful timepieces.

Top Wooden Watch Brands

  • Original Grain
  • Burnham Watches
  • Jord Watches
  • Holzkern
  • Bobo Bird
  • Bewell

Why We Chose Original Grain Watches As A Leader

As one of the first, luxury wooden watch brands – Original Grain has continued to be a leader in both quality of their construction, beautiful designs and also originality of their ideas.

Top Original Grain Features

  • High quality construction
  • Great designs
  • Unique ideas (like using whiskey barrel wood)

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Burnham Watches – Leader In Wooden Craftsmanship

Burnham wooden watches really round out the perfect combination of superior quality, fantastic US based customer service and great prices on their watches. They were founded in 2016, which makes them a little younger than some other companies like Original Grain or Bewell watches – but in a way it seems to have let them avoid some of the mistakes other companies have made. Our staff owns a number of Burnham watches and absolutely love them.

Top Burnham Features

  • Great construction
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Great wooden watch prices

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