Unbiased Holzkern Watch Review

Our Opinion & Review Of Holzkern Watches

Holzkern is a premium wooden watch company that hails from Austria and brings some of the most amazing watches for their customers. Moreover, the watches are very unique when compared to many conventional watches we see on many online stores and even compared to many wooden watch companies.

Our Holzkern Full Ratings

Overall Watch Quality:★★★★★ (5 / 5 )
Customer Service:★★★★☆ (4 / 5)
Design & Style:★★★★★ (5 / 5)
Watch Durability:★★★★★ (5 / 5)
Packaging:★★★★☆ (4 / 5)
Holzkern Price & Value:★★★★☆ (4 / 5)

What Makes Holzkern Different?

It is run by a team of experienced and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who come from Austria. The best thing about this company is that it is working in partnership with some of the most well-known names in this business. This company partners with Citizen, Seiko, Ronda and many other popular watch making brands.

What Sets Holzkern Apart From Other Brands?

Holzkern has an impressively large collection of watches that are inspired by the aesthetics that nature offers. 

  • You will find unique wood and stone watches made from hand, and the texture on each piece is breathtaking. There’s hardly any online watch store that offers a watch manufactured with wood and stone.    
  • The skyline collection is completely different from the wood/stone watches. It gives an urban and sky-like reflection that makes the wearer classier. 
  • Holzkern Stainless steel watches speak for durability and elegance. To take it up a notch, there are sub-dials inside that makes the watch look more attractive.

More Than Just Watches: If you think that Holzkern deals in watches only then you have another thing coming around. It offers wooden and steel bracelets, and gift cards as well. In short, you can find some amazing wrist wear items on this website.

Long Lasting: The wood and stone watches not only look beautiful on the outside but from the inside as well. This is because all the watches are manufactured by reputed Japanese and Swiss manufacturers that work for Citizen, Seiko and Ronda. So, you can rest assured that the inner machinery of the watches has amazing movement and life span.

Holzkern Customer Support:

Holzkern believes in strengthening relationships with customers. Therefore, customers can file complaints regarding their experience or if somehow a watch malfunctions which is very unlikely. Users can go to the About Us Section, click on Question and Answers to find a detailed form at the bottom. This form helps you file a complaint about your purchase.

Men’s Holzkern Watch Collections

Skyline Collection (42 mm)

Holzkern’s Skyline watches are one of their more modern watch collections and feature construction of stainless steel, stone & wood all beautifully blended in unique ways. With a 42 mm case diameter this watch will fit most men’s wrists comfortably – and we categorize this as an average or mid-size men’s watch diameter.

They feature an automatic movement and display this high-end watch feature with a small sub-dial window that looks inside the watch from the front and a window on the back for a clear view of the mechanical movement. It also keeps time without needing a battery. And additional subdial keeps track of the seconds as well.

The Skyline collection includes about 8 different color combinations ranging from stainless silver and mahogany to a modern looking blue steel and olive wood combination.

Who Is the Skyline Collection For? If you are looking for a luxury, automatic movement watch from a premium watch company that will offer something even a little more unique than your standard wooden watch – be sure to check these out.

How much does the Skyline Collection Cost? Holzkern Skyline Prices start at $379 and range up to $419

4 Seasons Collection (40 mm)

The Holzkern 4 Seasons Collection offers a little bit of everything for anyone searching for a wooden watch with a classic style and a classic fit. The 40 mm face falls into an average size for men – but the classic styling would also work for a woman looking for a slightly larger watch face.

The 4 Seasons collection is on the more moderate price range for Holzkern, starting at $159 dollars.

If you want a simple watch style (no extra dials, buttons, windows or flash) but love that warm rich, wood colors paired with the cooler and solid style’s of marble – this is the collection for you. The watch bands are made from the same solid woods as the face and range from Paduak or Leadwood to teak, walnut and zebrawood. The marble colors show beautiful natural grains of the marble and the colors are paired to match the wood.

The face has an inset metal ring and metal time markers, that add a quick flash of light and sparkle on the right angels – we love this feature!

This collection also features a high quality quartz movement from Citizen to power the marble backed face.

Stairway Collection (43 mm)

Camelot Collection (45 mm)

The Holzkern Camelot Collection is regal and features an interchangeable bezel and solid, hefty size for men.

At first everyone thinks King Arthur when you hear the name Camelot since it was his fabled home castle. But what could that have to do with wooden watches? Well leave it to Holzkern to find something to connect the two.

The knights of the round table were actually the inspiration for the Holzkern Camelot Collection. When you get your first glimpse of this collection of men’s watches with stainless steel cases, marble face and round wooden bezel it makes sense. You can see a little of a medival wooden table in the bezel carving.

Our favorite part of this collection is the interchangeable wooden bezel that surrounds the stone faces. At 45mm this is a larger man’s watch and feels solid and weighty on your wrist. As wood make King Arthur proud, they use a high quality Citizen quartz movement to power this watch.

Holzkern also uses some more interesting wood choices for a few watches in this collection, ranging from Apple Wood to Amaranth and Padauk.

Horizon Collection (45 mm)

Summit Collection (45 mm)

Inspired by nature and mountain tops, the Summit Collection is one of Holzkern’s larger watches with a 45 mm diameter. It is also one of their more modern styles. This collection pairs a clean marble face with chromatic metal rings of different colors all set inside the wood of your choosing.

So who is the Summit Collection For? If you are looking for a watch from a top end wooden watch company but still in the $200 price range, it’s a good place to start. Finally, if you are shopping for that man who wants his watch to get noticed and give off a classic vibe from a distance – but offer a little more modern touch and flair when you get closer to his wrist, definitely go for the Summit Collection.

The price for the Summit Collection starts at $199.

Nautic collection (43 mm)

Cross country collection wood (45 mm)

Cross country collection leather (45 mm)

Classic collection (42 mm)

Sundance collection (40 mm)

Highline collection (42 mm)

Holzkern Watch Pros

  • Top quality wooden watches & designs
  • User-Friendly website.
  • A wide range of watches available.
  • Affordable price.
  • Professional staff (addresses queries quickly).

Holzkern Cons

  • Too many watch options can make users confused to buy one. 

Hozlkern Review Conclusion

Holzkern watches is your one-stop shop to buy elegant and eye-catchy watches. Take your time and browse over several hundreds of products on the website to find your dream watch.

Whether you are looking for stone watches, wooden watches, steel or you want it in mahogany or zebrawood or black or blue – Hozlkern will have a top quality, luxury watch to fit your tastes.

Holzkern Warranty & Guarantee

We have reviewed many of these watches and find them to be top quality and great style – Holzkern really produces some great watches. BUT on the off chance you new wooden watch from them doesn’t make you happy when it arrives, don’t worry.

  • Hozlkern offers a 24-day money-back guarantee

They offer a generous 24-month warranty against any manufacturing defaults that come up during the life of your watch.

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