Best Wooden Watch For Father’s Day

How To Choose The Best Wooden Watch For Father’s Day

Are you searching for the perfect wood watch for your dad? Wooden watches are still a fairly new fashion trend. They are beautifully constructed and can be fun, sporty, or very luxurious. Forbes claims that the most successful people wear traditional watches. Not only do these individuals appreciate the style and quality of traditional watches, but they are said to be more punctual, organized, and productive.

Why Wood Watches Make A Great Gift For Dad

The gorgeous sandalwood, teak, or maple that a wooden watch for dad is carved from will make a bold statement. Each of the woods holds a certain amount of elegance that only natural wood can. Wooden watches do well to express the nature of a man who is strong and assertive. This man is willing to work with his hands and also has a taste for the finer things. In a time where it seems that smartphones and smartwatches have taken over, there are several benefits two wearing a wooden watch. Some designs are formal and some are more informal. you are sure to find a father’s day wooden watch that is perfect. Some designs work well in either situation

Our Top 10 Wooden Watch Guide For Dad

red skeleton wooden watch

Bobo Bird Red Wood Skeleton Watch

  • Automatic Skeleton Movement

Burnham Military Chronograph

  • Black steel case & zebrawood

Bewell Red Sandalwood Chronograph

  • Fully functioning chronograph with date

Bewell Mens Wooden Watch Analog Quartz Lightweight Handmade

  • Comes in multiple colors

Bobo Bird Black Stainless Steel Chrono

  • Fully functioning chronograph with date

Wilds Wood Self Winding Watch With Multiple Color Options

  • Automatic, self-winding movement with luxury skeleton face

TJW Wooden Watches for Mens Automatic Mechanical Watch 

  • Automatic, self-winding movement with luxury skeleton face

Bobo Bird Luxury Wood & Metal Strap Chronograph

  • Natural zebra wood watch, Each one is handmade, Without adding any chemicals, And high quality folding buckle with security.

Bobo Bird Luxury Wood & Metal Strap Chronograph – Black

  • Natural zebra wood watch, Each one is handmade, Without adding any chemicals, And high quality folding buckle with security.

JORD Wooden Wrist Watches for Men – Conway Series Chronograph/Wood

  • One of the top selling luxury wooden watch brands in the world.

A few reasons wood watches make a great gift for Dad are:


Because wooden watches are made from a natural product it changes over time. Every watch is very unique. The material used to make it is natural and not manufactured. If you are looking for something that is taking unique and wood watches to a whole new level, check out our guide of the best skeleton wooden watches.


Each tree used to make watches with sustainably-sourced wood is replaced. This means the natural resource is not depleted. When choosing a wooden watch or other wooden products be sure those products are sustainably-sourced. Wearing a wooden watch speaks of the wearer’s understanding of sustainability and ethics.


Not only is each wooden watch unique but each one gains character as it ages. You can liken this to antique furniture. The surface of the wood contains the story of its life. Often watches are passed down to future generations. Wooden watches are perfect family heirlooms. Proper care of these watches will ensure that they last for many years to come.

So How Much Do Wooden Watches Cost?

Although wooden watches are very attractive timepieces, most brands remain affordable. One reason for this is because they are made with materials that are sustainably sourced. This is a good way to keep costs low. Although some Wood watches are more expensive, a good quality wood watch can be purchased for under $100. The price depends on the brand quality and where you buy.

Where Can I Buy A Wooden Watch?

Watches are sold at many retailers and can be found in-store or online. I came across a few that have great reviews. A Google search will bring up quite a few companies. You might also find a good number of reputable sellers on sites such as Amazon.

What Are The Different Kinds Of wooden Watches?

There are multiple styles of wooden watches. The strongest wood used to make these watches is bamboo. The sacred Koa wood is a favorite that has been used in Hawaiian culture for centuries. You can find wooden watches constructed of any number of woods, even cork. The styles may have intricate detail from the face of the watch to the mechanisms of the timepiece. Many have the standard clock face that is marked or numbered. You can purchase a wooden watch for dad in your choice of color. They are available in beautiful red tones, browns, and ebony shades. Some are multi-toned.


There are a few well-known luxury wooden watchmakers. One of the most well-known is Jord. What sets this watchmaker apart is there focus on sustainability. They make quality, well-built watches that look amazing. Like some other companies, they offer engraving. This is a nice added touch.

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The Bewell Watch

This is one of the most popular wood watches. It is comfortable, lightweight, and elegant. The face of this watch is made of glass. That is something to consider if you’re looking for a wood watch for dad that can hold up during sports or other activities.

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The Tree Hut Walnut and Ebony Watch

This watch is beautiful and will get him plenty of compliments. The strap and face are a deep, rich, brown with woodgrain that emphasizes the natural origin. This brown-on-brown watch certainly makes a statement.

There are endless choices for a Father’s Day wooden watch. It’s a good idea to consider which weight of wood and color is best suited in terms of personal style. If the man that you are buying for needs something that can take his special level of wear and tear, choose something most durable. You can get a wood watch for dad that is sporty or one that is sleeker. It may be a good idea to get one that can be worn on any occasion. You are sure to find something that will fit your budget. Compare prices and quality. It should be easy enough to find reliable customer reviews.

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