Tree Hut Replacement Bands & Straps

Can I Replace The Strap Or Band On My Tree Hut Watch?

Yes, you can pretty easily replace the strap or band on your Tree Hut watch! Although some watch styles are specifically designed with this feature. This is one of the things that helped us give such high marks in our Tree Hut Watch Review.

What Do Tree Hut Bands Cost?

Buying a replacement strap directly from Treehut is going to cost between $29 and $39 per strap depending on the style and materials you choose.

The standard leather or vegan leather band options will start at $29 while padded versions or alternative materials like Crocodile will be $39 dollars.

How Do I know If I Can Change The Band?

The easiest way to tell if your watch is specifically designed to be part of their interchangeable strap collection is to go to Treehut’s website and look for your specific style of watch.

Then, once you are on the specific product page scroll down to the Product details tab and look for this table.

If you scroll to the bottom and look at the STRAP list you can see they specifically list “Interchangeable Strap”. Also note that they list the strap width at “20mm”. This is an important detail to note if you want to buy a replacement strap because this is the size you want to match.

If you purchase a wider strap it won’t fit into the case, or if you purchase a narrower band there will be extra space between the band the case.

How Do I Replace The Strap?

What Size Replacement Band Does My Treehut Take?

This is an important part of making sure your watch stays looking spectacular. The best thing you can do is go the Tree Hut website and look up your exact watch.

On the product page they will tell you what strap width your particular wooden watch takes. Treehut sells replacement watch bands to replace the sizes they sell:

Men’s Treehut Replacement Watch Band Sizes

  • 20 mm Straps
  • 22 mm Straps
  • 24 mm Straps

Women’s Treehut Repacement Strap Sizes

  • 14 mm women’s band
  • 22 mm women’s strap

What Types Of Replacement Straps Do They Have?

tree hut leather strap


tree hut padded leather strap

Padded Leather

tree hut crocodile leather strap

Crocodile Leather

tree hut vegan black leather strap

Vegan Leather